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No matter what size your business, we can help it grow and reach new customers. We offer guaranteed SEO deliverables at different price points; see below for our most popular packages. For custom packages please get in touch with us today

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We've Helped Everyone From Small Businesses to Large Corporations in Achieving Their SEO Goals

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we’ve worked with almost every size of business in every niche; from e-commerce brands, grow.
we take immense pride in o ur transparency and it is the foundation of SEO Toronto. You’ll never have those
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Frequently Asked

Our track record of success and highly respected list of clients is a great start. We recommend booking in a time to speak with one of our SEO strategists and having an open discussion about how we can help your business.

We offer SEO packages at different pricing points. Most clients end up between $2,000-$4,000 CAD but we have considerably lower and higher packages available. At higher budgets, we deliver more links and more content each month as part of our SEO service.

Typically, we have one budget for the SEO and link building efforts and then a separate budget for the monthly blogging deliverables.

We do offer the following one-off services:

SEO Consulting at the rate of $150/hour + HST.
Web Design and Development at the rate of $125/hour + HST.
Web Copy Writing and Content Creation at $50/hour + HST.

No one can ethically guarantee SEO results, there is no crystal ball on timelines and projections. That being said, an experienced SEO agency like ours can ‘guestimate’ with very good accuracy a timeline in which SEO results can be expected.

We DO guarantee our SEO and link building deliverables, and our promise that we will be the hardest working Toronto SEO company you’ve ever hired.

The very same All-Star Team outlined in a few sections above. Our core team hasn’t changed in years, and we like it that way. Nothing is outsourced and you won’t be passed from one Account Manager to another. One dedicated writer will be assigned to your account to ensure consistency in tone/voice and the highest quality.

Nothing is outsourced, our team here at SEO Toronto has been recruited, hand-picked and extensively trained by our founders.

Extremely detailed monthly keyword ranking reports and link building reports.

We track your keywords and report on the progress over time and highlight key wins. Our link building reports show the live URL’s of your links along with all the most popular SEO metrics so you can quickly confirm our hard work has yielded authoritative and niche relevant links.

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