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Have you tried everything but are still having trouble making it to the first page of Google? Maybe it’s time to do an SEO audit.
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Technical SEO Audits

As soon as you sign up for our SEO services, our first order of business is to perform an SEO audit. We go to great pains to cover every aspect of your website.We perform an inspection of your content, your backlinks, loading speed, the current ranking on Google, and more.

Website Crawl

No SEO audit is complete without a comprehensive site crawl. In fact, it’s the very first step we take in our SEO audit process. We only use the most powerful SEO software to do our site crawls. These give us the same point of view as Google’s own crawlers. It shows us how Google has likely indexed your website content. We can also tell where there are issues that might hurt your SEO.

Some of the things we look out for when performing a site crawl include:

  • Broken links (404 pages)
  • Repeated content
  • Pages without internal links
  • Irrelevant content
  • Metadata mistakes
  • User experience
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Manual Audit

Once we’re done with the site crawl, we go an extra step and perform a manual audit on your site. Site crawlers might miss a few important things, and even when they don’t, they only give us one perspective of your site: a site crawler’s.

A manual audit gives us a human visitor’s perspective of your website. We go through every page on your site, understanding how your website works, what kind of content you have, and what you’re missing.

With our specialists’ help, we can fix any and all SEO issues on your site, giving you an edge over the competition and a shot at being the first result on a Google search page.

Solving problems isn’t the hard part, it’s finding them in the first place. That is why both a site crawl and manual audit are so important. Once we have identified the issues, the problem is 80% solved.

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On-Page Optimization Services

Our experts can help you optimize every page on your website so that all your content can rise through Google’s ranking system. Here is how we do it

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Google’s algorithms reward quality content. Our experts not only create content that will earn better search results, they also write pages that will earn customers and repeat visitors (read more)

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Web Content Review

We also review your web copy. This includes the content on your landing pages, home page, and so on. Some of the things we look out for when reviewing web content include:

  • How many times you use relevant keywords on your website
  • Internal links
  • Duplicate content
  • Header quality
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Citations & Business Directories

It’s helpful to list your business on business directories, with links to your website. In the Google algorithm’s eyes, this is as good as those directories linking back to you and confirming your business’s legitimacy, which improves your ranking. Our SEO audit and optimization process includes sourcing different business directories and posting citations with links back to your site.

Blog Audit

If you have a blog, we perform a thorough review of the content, paying particular attention to the following:

  • Do you have any duplicate blog content? to the following:
  • Do you have outdated content to be removed or updated?
  • Do you have images and internal links in your content?
  • Do you have evergreen posts?
  • Can you consolidate some of your posts into a single long post?
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Site Speed

We also assess your website’s loading speed as part of our SEO audit. Sites that take too long to load present a poor user experience and have a high bounce rate (users who leave almost as soon as they arrive).

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Title Tag

This is the title of each page on your site in Google search results

This appears under the title on the search page. It explains what your website or page is about and, in most cases, offers a teaser that encourages readers to click.

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Meta Description:

Metadata is one of the most important areas because it is what viewers see on Google search results, and it tells Google what your page is about so their algorithms can correctly categorize it.

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Off-Page SEO Optimization

Any SEO work that doesn’t happen directly on your website but helps it rank better is considered off-page SEO. When we conduct an audit of your off-page SEO, there are many factors that we consider:

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Website Redesign

SEO audit

With an SEO audit, you can see exactly where you’re doing things right and where you could do them better. It tells you where to improve so you can easily dominate the search results.

To maximize your chances of making it to that coveted first spot on the search results, you should optimize your website relentlessly. At SEOrims Toronto, we take audits seriously and use the results from our thorough reviews to develop an optimization strategy for stellar rankings.

Every aspect of your website factors into how the Google algorithm ranks you, so we don’t leave a single stone unturned when performing an SEO audit. We then use the results to devise the best optimization strategy for your site.

There are at least two kinds of SEO to consider when auditing and optimizing a site: on-page and off-page SEO. Both of them are important, and often it’s the things you don’t see that count the most for your site’s performance in search results.

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